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Located in Mission Hills, Saltwater Sweat Company offers full body group workout classes, customizable for all fitness levels and appropriate for any age group, a unique workout every day, with results you can feel and see. The individual attention we provide and our approach to fitness makes us superior to other boutique fitness studios. Our classes include Gravity, Pilates, TRX/BOSU, Cycling, Functional Movement, Endurance and Strength.


Need a little more one-on-one training? We have great Personal Training Packages available. Check out our flexible membership options +



what it takes to start something new, or to not give up when things are hard.


that we make to each other to do our best and achieve results.


the mind-body connection achieved and how we feel when we are together.


when all of these come together in a safe, inspiring place that feels like home.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Saltwater Sweat offers Small Group Training, 1-on-1, and Semi-Private Training. Our small group focus is on functional movement, endurance, strength, intervals, and high intensity for maximum results. Motivating music and our talented trainers make it both fun and effective. Small groups allow for more attention and focus on you as an individual. We believe you should get the attention and results you deserve.


Saltwater Sweat offers a fusion of cycling. It is the most effective calorie-burning exercise along with the amazing benefits of a cardio workout. The fact that it is low impact and easy on joints make it an ideal form of exercise.


We use the Gravity Training System (GTS). The GTS is versatile, fun and easy to use. The dynamic pulley and glide board system challenges you to increase core stability, develop muscles and endurance all with minimal effect on joints. The GTS is versatile and fun allowing you to do hundreds of exercises for all body parts. Many of the sessions are Pilates-based. Our studio is in small groups to give quality training and personalize each workout. 

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Victoria Mazza
Owner, Head Trainer

Meet Victoria Mazza, the powerhouse behind Saltwater Sweat fitness studio in sunny San Diego, California. With over two decades of experience in the fitness industry, Victoria brings unparalleled dedication to her role as owner and master trainer.

Beyond her impressive resume, which includes roles as a musician, vocalist, figure/bikini competitor, group instructor, Pilates trainer, certified GTS instructor, and personal trainer, Victoria specializes in crafting gluten and allergy-free lifestyles for her clients.

Yet, it's not just her extensive skill set that sets Victoria apart. It's her innate ability to connect with others, driven by her own journey of seeking support and now dedicating her life to offering that same support to others. With genuine care and unwavering motivation, Victoria empowers anyone who walks through the doors of Saltwater Sweat to reach their fitness goals and beyond.

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