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What can I say - not enough! I am a COVID, Saltwater Sweat Co, baby! I joined the gym during COVID and I have been hooked ever since. I start my weekdays at the gym and it sets me up for a great day. I get a great workout , spend time with gym friends and enjoy laughs with Victoria and team. I am so grateful to have this neighborhood treasure a short walk from home!







Salt Water Sweat is my Happy Place! Simple as that. I’ve been a member for 5 years and have reaped rewards ever since. SWS has helped me recover from injuries, become strong and pain-free, and stay motivated to keep fit. I love the great instructors, the supportive and positive environment, the camaraderie with my classmates, and Victoria’s heart of gold.

It’s true: Change happens – Stay strong.



What can I say- not enough! 
How can I begin to express my love and appreciation for our gem of a studio nestled in the heart of Mission Hills! I love working out at Saltwater Sweat. The trainers are experts, the members are friendly, and Victoria makes it all happen so beautifully. Thank you Saltwater Sweat for all your love and dedication to helping our community get stronger and happier. 







Evolve/Saltwater Sweat has been an important part of my fitness routine since it first opened more than 10 years ago. Victoria and her training crew are simply amazing. The variety of Spin, Glide and Circuit classes offers strength training and cardio in a small group setting that I love. The workouts are challenging and never boring. I leave each session feeling happy, energized (and sweaty). Highly recommend!



For more than a decade this studio has been a cornerstone for my fitness routine! I first joined because of the innovative fitness approach combining cycling and gravity classes together. Victoria has always been one of my favorite instructors and I was happy to hear when she became the owner and transformed the space into "Saltwater Sweat Co." I have stayed with the studio over the years because of the energizing classes, dedicated instructors, and ideal location. I always feel supported here as Victoria and her team truly emphasize proper technique and are willing to help with any modifications to help you get stronger and prevent injuries. In addition to getting a great workout, we have FUN here. It's the best place to connect with fitness-oriented friends and neighbors at Saltwater Sweat, I feel happy, sweaty, full of endorphins, and ready to start each brand new day. Saltwater Sweat is amazing!!

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Evolve/Saltwater Sweat has been an important part of my fitness routine since it first opened more than 10 years ago. Victoria and her training crew are simply amazing. The variety of Spin, Glide and Circuit classes offers strength training and cardio in a small group setting that I love. The workouts are challenging and never boring. I leave each session feeling happy, energized (and sweaty). Highly recommend!



 I have been attending classes at Saltwater Sweat for several years…the owner Victoria is wonderful. She’s my saving grace and body sculptress right here in our neighborhood. Victoria is not only well trained, enthusiastic and welcoming, she is also kind, compassionate and will take the time to help you and encourage your efforts. Victoria and her staff thus inspire you to commit to an exercise program that fits you. This steady motivation means that you make constant progress. I know that every time she will encourage me not merely to exercise, but also push me to be the best I can be.



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I have been working out at Evolve/Saltwater Sweat Co. on and off since it opened close to 12 years ago. As a Mission Hills resident, I love the convenience of a studio that is within walking distance. I am also a fan of the boutique size and unique style. For many years, I did mainly spin classes. Lately I have been more focused on the glide classes, as I like the combination of strength, core and cardio training that they provide. In addition to keeping me fit, I really enjoy the social aspect of this friendly neighborhood studio. It’s nice to see familiar faces a few times a week, along with the spirit and sense of humor provided by Victoria. I always leave class with positive energy and a smile on my face.



I’ve been a member of Evolve/Saltwater Sweat Co for over 3 years now. I love it here and I love the trainers as well as the members. The environment is always so welcoming and supportive no matter your fitness level. The classes are smaller so you really get the feeling of a small group coached session. They have a variety of classes to keep your workouts new and interesting. I’m especially grateful for Victoria, the owner who had to keep pivoting  and readjusting the fitness classes during the Covid shutdown. Whether we did classes online, in the park, in the parking lot next to the studio or on the fitness deck, she made sure to always keep both our physical and mental health active and sane. This is a great fitness community to be a part of!







Christen has been coming into the workout studio off and on since it first opened in 2010! Through the birth of two children these gravity, strength, and spin workouts have kept her sane and svelte! The addition of the workout deck has been one of her favorite things during the pandemic because there's always a friend or neighbor passing by for a distraction during a killer set. The gravity machines seem innocent, but you'll definitely be feeling every new muscle sinew the next day, she says. Having been a nationally ranked collegiate swimmer in her glory days and now a practicing family medicine physician, physical fitness is clearly an integral part of Christen's life. The variety of different workouts in a convenient neighborhood location keep her coming back for more."Hope to see more fun classes packed with new friends in the new year" she exclaims!



 I have been to a lot of gyms, but Saltwater Sweat Company is my absolute favorite! I drive 30 minutes each way, to make it a part of my regular routine. In the seven months I’ve been here, I’ve attended a variety of the fitness classes, and worked one on one with a personal trainer. With Victoria and her crew cheering me on, I’ve gotten physically stronger, improved my balance, and gained a new found confidence in myself!







 I've been coming to Evolve/Saltwater Sweat Co. almost since its inception more than 10 years ago. It’s always been a welcoming, supportive place to work out but Victoria has taken it up a couple of notches! I love the variety of class formats and the different styles of the instructors. Speaking of instructors, they’re amazing! They’re energetic and informed and I can count on getting a solid workout no matter which class I sign up for. Fellow class members are friendly and supportive, it’s definitely a judgment-free environment regardless of your fitness level or experience. Working out at Saltwater Sweat Co. benefits me in so many ways...I’m in a better mood after my workout, and having gone a few weeks without working out on occasion I know that I’m stronger and more fit when I regularly attend classes. Mission Hills is fortunate to be home to the amazing Saltwater Sweat Co.!



The First day taking a class at Saltwater Sweat Co. was a great experience. Ever since then I was hooked! The trainers  are all very knowledgeable about physical fitness and professional. The atmosphere is so welcoming and very positive. They offer a lot of different classes to fit your personal fitness goal. This is my second month with them and I already feel like I’ve been here for years!







 I enjoy going to Saltwater Sweat Co. because it offers a positive and supportive community to get your workout in!  The small group classes make it feel like a personal training session with very professional and skilled trainers who are passionate about fitness.

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